40 Pro-Bitcoin Billboards To Stud The San Francisco Bay Area

“The bitcoin revolution has started … Where do you stand?” These are the words that visitors and residents will see up on billboards strewn across the San Francisco Bay Area by the end of December 2013. The self-funded project titled “Hello San Francisco, Hello Bitcoin” is part of an initiative by Arisebitcoin to raise awareness about the cryptocurrency in the San Francisco Bay Rea.

The campaign started on 27 December 2013 and is set to run until 27 January 2014. It is believed that it will only take 5 days for all 40 billboards to be up across the target area, covering South San Jose to San Pablo and the areas in between. The displays will be viewed approximately 10 million times by people 18 years and over. Arisebitcoin is taking Bitcoin donations for those wanting to support their initiative.

Creating Awareness Among San Franciscans

It seems like everybody is talking about Bitcoin these days, or at least know a little about it. But not so. A Bloomberg poll revealed that only 42% of Americans know about Bitcoin, while 46% were uncertain what Bitcoin is and what it is all about. Some 6% of respondents thought Bitcoin was an iPhone app and another 6% believed it was an Xbox game.

Arisebitcoin is hoping to raise awareness about Bitcoin in the San Francisco area. The current billboard campaign is part of their initiative to foster confidence in Bitcoin and promote its use. Those who connect with Arisebitcoin can also access information on getting started with Bitcoin. Arisebitcoin hopes to bring more users to Bitcoin and educate them accordingly.

With 40 orange billboards measuring 10’5 by 22’8″ across, it is unlikely that the Arisebitcoin will escape the eye of San Franciscans. It is kicking off in the San Francisco Bay Area but there are plans underway to reach out to Americans beyond through a variety of different media. Furthermore Arisebitcoin hopes to garner the confidence of the Bitcoin community for future partnerships.

The Revolution Has Begun In The Media

It is difficult not to hear about Bitcoin these days, especially if you live in America. Bitcoin is in the papers, on the news and everywhere across the internet. Social media has been abuzz about Bitcoin for months with celebrity chatter about Bitcoin increasing in the past 3 months. It is fair to say that the Bitcoin revolution is well underway in the media, long before Ashton Kutcher declared so at the TechCrunch conference a few months back.

Arisebitcoin is turning to a traditional form of advertising to reach those who are still oblivious to the cryptocurrency. The organization’s sole purpose at this point in time is to create awareness and educate Americans with many more campaigns in the pipeline. Although not an exchange, nor a business accepting Bitcoin payments, Arisebitcoin has taken it upon itself to do what needs to be done in order to get the word out even further.

With governments around the world not taking a definitive stand on Bitcoin and some in Asia just short of banning it, the Bitcoin community does not seem to be despondent. It is an exciting time for Bitcoiners as organizations are taking it upon themselves to promote the cryptocurrency despite uncertainty on how regulations will impact its future.

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