5 Real World Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

Subscribing to an online service or buying a video game for download using Bitcoins does not really seem all that interesting. After all, Bitcoins were created to facilitate online transactions independent of third party agencies and with minimal transaction fees. There are still the Bitcoin skeptics out there who believe that the Bitcoin cannot be used to buy real world items.

But the Bitcoin bug seems to have bitten service providers, goods retailers and even charitable organizations across the globe. And it is not only large multinational corporations or megastores that are now accepting Bitcoins – even your local grocer and corner store may have jumped on the bandwagon as well.

It seems like everyday there are more business, both big and small, that are opening up to Bitcoin. Some are more public about it than others, capitalizing on the media hype around Bitcoins. It is no longer news to accept Bitcoins unless you are a major retailer that has resisted the digital currency to date. Here are some of the big, and not so big, businesses and organizations that have started accepting Bitcoins.

Smartphones from a Mobile Network

China seems to be the hotspot for the Bitcoin hype and even its phenomenal value these days. It is not surprising that many Chinese companies have jumped on board and started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Jiangsu Telecom allows customers to pre-order new Samsung Android phones for 2014. Jiangsu Telecom is a subsidiary of China Telecom in the Jiangsu province. It is a significant move since China Telecom is the largest fixed-line operator in China and the third largest mobile operatory.

Organic Produce at a Local Grocer

It may not be surprising if you shop online, but now a small San Diego grocer accepts payment in Bitcoin. Conscious Cookery is a small business that specializes in organic produce. It is located at Hillcrest Farmer’s Market in San Diego and owner Michelle Larson-Sadler decided to take the plunge when she unofficially become the first grocery store to accept Bitcoin. Her bold step has essentially transformed the digital currency into real world goods that you can eat.

Sandwich and Sushi Fast Foods

A Subway outlet in Slovakia and sushi shop in France are now bringing Bitcoin to the fast food industry. These are not the first or only fast food outlets to jump on the Bitcoin wage but have managed to make it into the news. Undoubtedly many others in the food industry will follow suit in the short term. There are even some independent restaurants in the United States that not only allow you to pay for your meal in Bitcoin but also to tip servers with the digital currency.


Cosmetic Surgery and Dental Work

At a time when some health care professionals will not accept certain insurance plans, a Polish dentist has made the news for accepting Bitcoin payments from patients. In fact patients are encouraged to pay with Bitcoin and can receive a 10% discount on their dental bill if they opt to use the digital currency. It is not the first incident of the medical profession jumping on the Bitcoin wagon. A Miami-based cosmetic surgery center has been accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment from patients who wish to go under the knife.

Commercial Suborbital Space Flight

It is official. Bitcoin can get you off the planet. Richard Branson recently announced on Twitter that Virgin Galactic will be accepting Bitcoin payments for suborbital space flight. As one of the most reputable brands in the world, headed by a popular and well respected business leader, Virgin and Richard Branson have obviously played a significant role in giving greater legitimacy to Bitcoin. With Virgin having its hand in so many sectors of industry, it will be interesting to see if Virgin will allow Bitcoin users to buy more earthly goods and services in time to come.

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