BANKEX Ranked One of the Top 20 ICOs of All Time

BANKEX is now ranked among the leading 20 ICOs globally, raising an equivalent of $60 million in just three weeks. The period of the token sale will soon be over.

FinTech company BANKEX, developing the unique Proof-of-Asset Protocol for real-world asset tokenization, has been assessed by ICO analytics group TokenData as among the top five active ICOs and among the top twenty ICOs of all time by funds attracted. 70% out of the available first stage BKX tokens, 56 million out of 80 million, have already been sold. The token sale will end on 28 December.

As BANKEX second stage tokens will only be sold to institutional clients, private investors are urged to take this final opportunity to join the running token sale and earn a bonus for their purchases. Today, 4000 supporters have already joined the BANKEX token sale.

“We’re directing our attention about how to best allocate funds to developing products and services in ways that best serve the markets we are penetrating,” says the company’s Managing Director Konstantin Kurbatov. “We’ve got to use this momentum to maintain the level of excellence into our next steps.”

To drive further development, the company has created the BANKEX Foundation tasked with advancing the cause of new tech and making it accessible to everyone through developing global partnerships and supporting leaders in areas of finance, banking, Internet of Things, blockchain, manufacturing and related technologies. The Foundation will be responsible primarily for 3 critical areas. First and foremost, work will continue on the development of the organization’s technical core. Second, the entity will conduct R&D for products and services. Lastly, it will create an educational program dedicated to blockchain technology. BANKEX token holders, developers, asset owners and other stakeholders are welcome aboard the BANKEX Foundation now.

BANKEX has partnered with a number of reputable corporations such as Microsoft Azure, ConsenSys formation Balanc3, Dostavista and the Symphony Foundation. Project marketing is being run by the Byzantium ICO Agency. Hollywood, California based MovieCoin has become a client and is intent on using the PoA protocol to launch a new financing structure for film production. MovieCoin will be the first class of Smart Assets issued on the BANKEX platform.


Using landmark open source FinTech solutions, decentralized Bank-as-a-Service enterprise BANKEX aims to bridge the gap between the emerging blockchain sector and traditional finance. Deploying smart contracts and enabling tokenization, the platform powers off-balance sheet crowdfunding, chain finance and leverages external infrastructure, creating efficient and time effective solutions. Innovative BANKEX solutions have far-reaching consequences in the areas of their application and are poised to have transformative effects on the global finance and investment, as well as in micro-financing, real estate, the sphere of illiquid assets, natural resources, and futures markets.

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