Bitcoin Can Get You Wheels And Keep You Rolling On

One of the common questions that Bitcoiners face from those who are still relatively ignorant about the cryptocurrency is “what can Bitcoin buy”? Those who are skeptical about Bitcoin in particular believe that it has little use beyond some online retailers and subscriptions for IT products/services. However, this could not be further from the truth.

These days you can buy just about anything for Bitcoin, from real estate to a flight into space.

For the more automotive-inclined, it would be well noting that Bitcoin can put you behind the wheel of a car and keep the wheels turning. Not only can you get a car for Bitcoin these days, you can even buy a super car. Although still a new option for Bitcoiners, you can even buy gas for your wheels.

Sleek, Modern And Fast

Getting your hands on a Toyota and paying in Bitcoin is unlikely to make the news these days. What about a Ferrari, Lamborghini or McLaren? If you are more of an environmentalist then it may be worth noting that you can also get a Tesla electric car. Actually just about any car is within your Bitcoin reach if the dealership is willing to accept the cryptocurrency as payment.

However, the credit for these new products for Bitcoin is not so much due to a better understanding of cryptocurrency by car dealerships and tech savvy salespeople. Bitcoin payment processing systems have to take a significant portion of the credit. Doug Doyle, the general sales manager of Land Rover Redwood City, says that payment processors like BitPay really does make the process simple and seamless.

Bitcoin is being rapidly transformed from the play money of the tech geeks to a sleek, modern and fast way to transact, just like the sports cars it can pay for these days. While it may not be a major loss for dealerships that are not accepting Bitcoin as yet, it is certainly in the interests of the automotive industry to find a way to fit in with the cryptocurrency boom. After all, cars are often marketed for its technological advancements over predecessors and competitors in the industry.

Bitcoin At Your Local Gas Station

It is still early days for cryptocurrency payments at your local gas station. But slowly Bitcoin is making its way into the energy industry. You can charge your electric car for Bitcoin. Once again the skeptics will say it is in the realm of the geeky Bitcoiners and their techno monopoly money who want to go green.

Just 6 months ago the Bitcoin community was wondering if the cryptocurrency could someday fill up your tank. Now it is reality.

An tech savvy entrepreneur in Greeley, Colorado decided to take Bitcoin payments as a way of supporting the Bitcoin community. But his gas station and store may also be benefiting from the media hype around the cryptocurrency. Shahzad Sarwar, the owner of the gas station is not surprisingly from an IT background. He clearly indicates that his gas station and the attached convenience store are pro-Bitcoin with the paraphernalia.

While Sarwar’s support for cryptocurrency may be allowing Bitcoin to get more exposure among his customers, it also has a benefit for the consumer. Without the transaction fees charged by credit card providers, it is a win-win situation for Sarwar and his customers. Plus the rising price of Bitcoin means more gas for less money if consumers buy the cryptocurrency ahead of time.

A single Bitcoin purchased at the beginning of 2013 may have only given you a dismal 3 gallons of gas but just a year later it can fill you up with close to 200 gallons. For a small compact car doing around 10,000 miles a year, one Bitcoin could keep you on the road for most of the year.

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