Bitrush Delivers Improved Returns On Investment To Its Investor

Multiply your Bitcoin investment in no time by investing with Bitrush.

[Note: This is a press release]

Investment in Bitcoins has been relegated to the background by the majority of the people because its operational procedure is far different from the normal financial trading framework. The continuous fluctuation in the Bitcoins rates coupled with the difficulty in understanding the operational framework have succeeded in making Bitcoin Investment a no go area for a greater majority of investors. This has created a gap in the financial investment system in United Kingdom.

BitRUSH Limited, a United Kingdom registered company number #10568977, was established in early 2017 to plug this gap and achieve the primary goal of providing investors with an easy to use Bitcoins investment platform as well as effective and profitable bitcoin trading solutions where investors need little to no trading experience to achieve their investment objectives. In the bid to achieve this primary goal, Bitrush has gathered the most experienced financial experts coupled with the acquisition of the most advanced and user-friendly Bitcoin investment platform in the industry.


The London based financial management company has successfully delivered improved return on investment to its investors within one month of operation in the bitcoin investment industry.  It has successfully achieved tremendous result of having more than 4000 active investors, more than 500BTC deposited and over 150BTC profits for its investors.

Mr. Greg Denis, the founder and CEO of Bitrush states:

Our Bitcoins investment platform  is ideal for people who want to trade/ invest in Bitcoins but don’t have the requisite knowledge for it. Our program is extremely easy to use and is such that even investors with zero trading experience are successfully making a profit. Our program, unlike any other, guarantees fixed hourly interest for investors regardless of market conditions.

BitRush Investment Plans

For improved return on investment and to offer investors variety of investment options, Bitrush has come up with four different Bitcoin investment plans. Each of these investment plans was tailored to the various needs of the investors:

  • Getting Started
  • It is Working
  • Bitcoin Pro
  • Bitcoin Enthusiast

While the Getting Started plan enables investors to invest as much as 1 BTC and gives them 3.12% daily return, It is Working plan enables investors to invest from 1 to 5 BTC with 3.6% daily return. The Bitcoin Pro plan enables investors to invest from 5 to 10BTC with 4.08% daily return while the Bitcoin Enthusiast plan enables investors to invest from 10 to 100BTC and offers 5.04% daily return.

For further information about Bitrush and its Bitcoins investment plans visit

[Disclaimer: Always do your homework on companies who guarantee ‘safe investments’, particularly using referrals and multi-level marketing tactics, prior to sending your funds. Use this service at your own risk.]

Images courtesy of BitRush

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