Celebrity Chatter On Bitcoin Increases

When the celebrities lead, many consumers tend to follow. It is for this very reason that product endorsements are done by celebrities and not the average Joe. A large proportion of consumers are influenced when celebrities give their nod of approval.

And it seems like Bitcoin is attracting the thumbs up from celebrities in recent days, without even paying for endorsements. After all who exactly would pay for a Bitcoin endorsement seeing that it is not controlled by any central authority.

Snoop Dogg Tweets About Bitcoin

The most recent celebrity to talk Bitcoin is Snoop Dogg, the award winning rapper and actor. Many see Snoop Dogg as the father of modern rap and his following extends well beyond the rap genre. He recently embraced Bitcoin when he announced on Twitter that his next album will be available in Bitcoin.

However, it was followed by a puzzling “delivered in drone” comment – possibly a swipe at Jeff Bezo’s comment about toying with the idea of Amazon deliveries being done by drones in the future. All in all it seems to fit in well. Downloadable music for digital currency. This is what Bitcoin was initially intended for – digital products/services paid in digital currency.

The concern is however, whether Apple will relent and accept Bitcoin for music on iTunes. Thus far Apple has seem to blocked the Bitcoin movement from their platforms and even told app makers to remove Bitcoin payments from its product. Gliph, the mobile messaging app for iOS, was the latest victim and Apple removed the Coinbase app last month.

Other Bitcoin Touting Celebrities

But it is not only Snoop Dogg that has stepped up as Bitcoin supporter in the past week or two. Ashton Kutcher has publicly expressed his support for Bitcoin on Twitter in late November, referring it to math money in one of his latest tweets promoting Bitcoin Black Friday. A few months back he declared that “the Bitcoin revolution is taking place” at the TechCrunch conference.

It may be no surprise though since Kutcher has been digging his heels into the tech world of late with his Lenovo endorsement. Comedians Drew Carey and Roseanne Bar have also made mention of Bitcoin on Twitter in recent weeks. Carey tweeted that he tried to buy breakfast with Bitcoin to no avail while Bar’s proclamation about Bitcoin being born does not clearly state her position.

Filmmaker and host of the Keiser Report financial program on channel RT, Max Keiser, has also come out in support of Bitcoin. He has even gone as far as tweeting that Bitcoin will be worth trillions – possibly in the future.

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson also stepped up to the plate when he announced that space flights on Virgin Galactic could be paid with Bitcoin. And Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, has  also publicly supported Bitcoin and the advent of cryptocurrencies.

These individuals are not the only celebrities to give Bitcoin the thumbs up or at least make mention of it to their fan base. And there is surely going to many other celebrities to jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon in months to come.

Despite the warnings by government authorities around the globe about the volatility of Bitcoin, and a survey revealing that the majority of economists are weary about the cryptocurrency, there is no doubt that public opinion will still be swayed more by what the A-list says and does rather than the Bitcoin doomsayers.

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