The iDice Crowdsale Offers Investors the Last Chance to Participate in Its ICO

The Ethereum-based mobile blockchain gambling application iDice is currently holding its crowd sale, set to end in one day. IDice is one of the only blockchain-based gambling apps in the market supported by both iOS and Android.

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The ICO is running between June 12, 2017, and June 27, 2017, with a total of 5 million tokens available for investors. The ICO comes after a successful beta release which marked iDice as the world’s first blockchain-based gambling application for smartphones. iDice sees itself as a continuation of the iconic platform ‘Satoshi Dice’ on mobile platforms as it works towards surpassing the company’s previous records.

Since its launch in 2013 SatoshiDICE has been one of the most successful sites of its kind, raising over 126,315 BTC (over $300 million in today’s value) and establishing itself as a leading blockchain gaming platform.

iDice beta version launched two months ago and has already generated a user profit of over 760 ETH (about $310,000), without the aid of the large marketing budget possessed by SatoshiDICE or similar platforms. The development team has focused heavily on making the dice game operate efficiently on mobile devices.

Until recently Bitcoin has always been the currency of choice for ICO investors and startups. With the recent rise of the Ethereum platform and an influx of ether based technology, more developers are building software on Ethereum blockchain, leading to more Ether-based ICOs.

Ethereum offers superior security than Bitcoin protocol, through its smart contracts, lower fees, and faster transactions. The ICO will not only help the platform raise funds but also presents an opportunity to share a portion of the profits with dedicated investors and avid users.

Until recently the majority of web-based betting applications have been geared towards desktop computers, but the mobile betting app market is beginning to awake from its slumber.  iDice aims to capitalize the comparatively stagnant mobile blockchain gambling market. iDice will offer a dedicated blockchain betting mobile app for both iOS and Android that focuses on ease of use and efficiency.

Around 68% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, but there is still a tangible lack of mobile betting apps available on both platforms. The app market is one of the biggest in the world with the top apps generating hundreds of millions. iDice is aiming to take advantage of the market with a mobile dedicated betting app and the security and transparency afforded by the Ethereum blockchain.

The iDice ICO tokens are created on the prevalent ERC20 Smart Contract technology.  Similar to the way a preferred share pays dividends, ERC20 tokens are coded to automatically distribute a share of iDice profits to token holders efficiently.

The two-week long iDice crowdsale started on June 12, 2017, and will finish on June 27, 2017. The ICO makes 5 million tokens, as part of the initial cap to the investors. Those who invested in the platform until 00:00 hours on Sunday, June 18, 2017, were offered a 30% bonus.  Those interested in becoming part of the iDice ICO can do so before the time runs out.

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