KingDice Bitcoin Dice – a New Provably Fair Bitcoin Dice Game

Costa Rica-based Bitcoin betting platform KingDice has introduced a realistic, provably fair dice roll game to online cryptocurrency gambling community. In addition to an interesting dice game, the new platform is also offering an attractive investment program where players can receive sizable returns on separate investments.

[Note: This is a press release.]

KingDice utilizes a specialized provably fair betting algorithm for its Bitcoin dice roll game and claims a house advantage of only 1 %. The platform is also available for iOS and Android-powered mobile devices, making it easier for users to play from wherever they are. In addition, the 24/7 dedicated customer support chat option allows players to ask any questions or report issues at any time.

KingDice Bitcoin Dice - a New Provably Fair Bitcoin Dice Game

The Blockchain-based betting platform KingDice runs an attractive affiliate program, offers huge commissions to players for referring others. The commissions can go up to 30% of the house edge whenever their referrals place a bit, irrespective of whether they lose the wager or not.

KingDice doesn’t require its users to sign up or go through the email activation process. The user can start placing bets by simply picking a username followed by a bitcoin deposit. The platform currently has a minimum withdrawal size of 0.001 BTC, and the highest payout offered so far stands at 1.95 BTC per roll, which is equivalent to $3312.

Bitcoin Bankroll Investments

KingDice platform’s ‘Bankroll investments’ are processed instantly and updated in real-time, which enables players to track their investments under the “Bankroll transactions” section.

Investors can deposit a percentage of total bankroll requirements in Bitcoin and receive returns based on the deposit amount and bets placed by other players. The platform, in its latest press release, provides an example stating,

“A player can invest 10% of a total bankroll along with another nine players, who invest the same, if another player loses 10 BTC the original player will receive 10% of the amount lost, in this case. 1 BTC.”

KingDice charges a commission of 50% on net profits. Charged once, weekly on Monday 00:01 CET. Proceeds from this commission are used for continuous development of the platform. So far, KingDice has raised a bankroll of more than 194 BTC, equivalent to $336000. The present investors in KingDice have profited about $20000 in the last four months.

Bankroll investments are securely stored in KingDice cold storage, with only a small amount maintained in the hot wallet to enable payments for player withdrawals. The platform, as well as Bankroll investments,  are worth trying out.

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