Vegas Hotels Open Up To Bitcoin

Considering the popularity of gambling website SatoshiDice, it is not surprising that the gambling capital of the US would look towards Bitcoin for a new edge. But not for gambling. Two Las Vegas hotels will be accepting Bitcoin as of tomorrow but despite having casinos on the premises, they will not accept it for gambling – not just yet at least.

It seems like another win for the Bitcoin community as more businesses join the revolution and now accept Bitcoin as payment. With 99% of businesses throughout the world not opening up to Bitcoin just yet, every business that joins the fray is significant. Even when a small Mom and Pop concern jumps on the wagon. But more so when it comes to Las Vegas, where big money changes hands all day and night.

Vegas Interested In Bitcoin

The D Casino Hotel and Golden Gate Hotel And Casino have beat other Las Vegas facilities to the punch. They will be accepting Bitcoin payments throughout the hotel – from the front desk to the gift shops and restaurants. However, the concerns about the Gaming Commission has meant that they have stopped short of accepting Bitcoin payments on the casino floor.

Brothers Derek and Greg Stevens of Desert Rock Enterprises are the main owners of The D and co-owners of the Golden Gate Hotel And Casino. Derek Stevens clarified that both facilities will be accepting Bitcoin as of tomorrow (22 January 2014) and will be using BitPay payment processor due to its ease-of-use. Another victory for the Georgia-based BTC website.

Stevens further went on to state that the interest from customers with regard to Bitcoin payments coupled with the opening up of Bitcoin channels by large businesses like was behind their move. There has been much talk about major Las Vegas hotels wanting to accept Bitcoin from last year. However, none jumped on the wagon until now.

Bitcoin On The Casino Floor

It still early days for Bitcoin in Las Vegas which is slowly carving itself a reputation as a technology hub. The question on many Bitcoiners’ minds is when will casinos start taking Bitcoin payments for chips and slots. According to Stevens, there are issues with the Gaming Commission which may have hampered any early initiatives by Vegas casinos to do so. He went on to say:

“I do think that from the Gaming Commission’s perspective that there’s some greater interest in understanding with some better clarity where the US Treasury and the IRS falls on this before it makes a determination on whether bitcoin can be used in casino cages to purchase casino chips or to purchase slot play.”

It would be a coup for Vegas as the popular Bitcoin gambling website, SatoshiDice, was estimated to account for as much as 50% of Bitcoin transactions in the second half of 2013. If Vegas casinos could accept it on the casino floor, it may shake up Bitcoin in a drastic way – all positive for Bitcoiners. For now though, Bitcoiners will have to be satisfied with the other amenities in Vegas for Bitcoin.

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